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Pianist Louise Bessette on CBC Radio Two and Espace Musique

Sunday, November 12, 2006, at 10pm
"Two New Hours", CBC Radio Two

Host: Larry Lake
Executive Producer: David Jaeger

Concert of May 19, 2006, Victoria, BC
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
Aventa Ensemble, conducted by Bill Linwood
Producing the concert: Jon Siddall

Gilles TREMBLAY: Solstices (ensemble)
Serge ARCURI: Fragments (piano solo)
Michel GONNEVILLE: Alonetogetherall (ensemble)
Gilles TREMBLAY: Envoi (concerto for piano and ensemble)

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Monday, November 20, 2006, at 8pm
"Radio Concert", Espace Musique

Host: Mario Paquet
Producer: Richard Lavallée

Concert of October 25, 2006, Montreal
Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
I Musici de Montréal, conducted by Yuli Turovsky

Serge ARCURI: La forêt des clameurs, concerto for piano and strings (World premiere)
Béla BARTOK: Music for strings, percussion and celesta
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN: Concerto for violin (Valeriy Sokolov, violin)

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